April 26-29, you are invited to join one week of performances, parties and conversations that seek to redefine what theatre, dance and performance can do in the world around us.

Performances you can take home, that take over the city centre, that last all day, that takeover forgotten buildings, that hold you, move you and call on you to listen, feel and dare more. Parties that gather and shape communities, that bang and bounce, that tell stories and lift voices that need to be heard. Conversations that matter – between those who might not otherwise get to speak. Conversations that can change things and make a difference.

What do a group of ten teenagers, four scenic painters, a queer sami death doom metal band, a neighbourhood jazz collective, a rural coastal art and music festival, a queer live music initiative, and an office of performing arts curators have in common? Together – each on their own terms – they curated Bastard 2023. Each offering their own take on how the performing arts – can be transformative – can be used to reimagine the relationships we have with ourselves, each other and the world around us.

By handing over the stages, the budgets and curatorial choices to an intersection of different communities – we hope Bastard becomes a contemporary art festival co-owned by many – and a vital platform regionally for both redefining the boundaries of what theatre, dance and performance can be – and redefining who gets to be involved.

“The Shake Down” teenage curators have included four performances in their programme – learn more about them below!

“The Shake Down” programme at the International art festival “Bastard” has been made with the financial support from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants.


April 27 at 19.00 or April 29 at 16.00

Jānis Balodis (Latvia) and Nahuel Cano (Argentina) will represent Latvia with the performance “The Last Night of the Deer”, which takes the audience with them into a snowstorm, memories and away from an anthropocentric vision of the world.

April 28 from 16.00 till 1.00 at night

Queer sami death doom metal band “Nagirčalmmiid” will host an event called “TRANSpire”, which includes sauna gathering, eating a meal together, workshops on the body and sexuality, as well as a concert and party.

April 29 from 11:00

“The Inflatable Museum” installation by “JAM PUBLIC”, which is dedicated to the idea that there is too little humor and too much hierarchy in the art world.

April 29 at 13:00 and 15:00

The musical project “Ladies” by the Lithuanian artist Lina Lapelytė, in which kankle players with 30 years experience on stage will offer listeners a perfectly synchronized and monotonous concert of a traditional instrument.