The Inflatable Museum


April 29 from 11.00 @Torvet

Join the inflatable museum – a one day only art happening at Torvet (town square in Trondheim)! Explore the fancy pantsy art collection in our museum shop and buy with VIPPS! Once in a lifetime offers! Take away what you don’t like – add some new art – that YOU make on the spot. Spin the UN-GOALS-WHEEL-OF-FORTUNE. Meet a flamingo. Dig out a sculpture. Enjoy some artsy coffee and cake. Lots of goofy doings. The Living jukebox. And much more! Chaos ? YES! Can art save humans from extinction? Of course. This is a museum for now – but if this is gonna work – we need you! Are YOU our new collaborator?

This will be an actual inflatable museum open to everyone that passes by. The project started with the artists thinking there is too little humor in the art world – and way too much hierarchy. Therefore, they made their own museum! F*CK OPEN CALLS – WE ONLY WORK WITH OPEN DOORS. Come help us – not to make the same mistakes as our parents. We want to meet you!

Oh, and by the way: The inflatable museum is a satellite of Jam Publics local adventures in public space – in and around Kristiansand (small city at the south coast of Norway). The inflatable Museum = Artists back on the road and back in control! Meaning less control?