“TRANspire” by Nagirčalmmiid and Queer Rebellion (NO)

April 28 from 16.00 till 1.00 at night @Rosendal Teater


1. To come about; happen or occur.

2. To become known; come to light.”

Skeivt Opprør (Queer Rebellion) and the duo Nagirčalmmiid join forces and invite to a Rosendal takeover. The day starts with a discursive program filled with workshops and discussions, before we are taken to the premiere of Nagirčalmmiid’s first theatrical concert. Look forward to an interactive and audience-engaging performance with completely fresh music that ends in a PARTY to remember.

The whole day has an overall theme: Transformation. Join us and let yourself be inspired and motivated, and not least reflect together about change!

Full program*:

16.00 – 17.30: Sauna gathering at Havet (Sauna remains open till 18.00)
17.00 -18.30: Eating together at Rosendal Theatre
18.00 – 18.30: Skeivt opprør – workshop on sexuality (Mesanin)
18.00 – 18.30: Skeivt opprør – workshop about the body (Sal 1)
18.40 – 19.10: Skeivt opprør – workshop om sexuality (Mesanin)
18.40 -19.10: Skeivt opprør – workshop abaout the body (Sal 1)
19.30: A performance concert by Nagirčalmmiid
21.00 – 01.00: Party!

* For the performance concert you need to book a free ticket via the link here on the web page. The rest of the program is open for participation, in some or all of the events.