9th and 10th of September, Brīvības street 109, Riga (entrance from Palīdzības street), free entry.

The Homo Novus Shake Down is a two-day programme of performances and events independently created by 10 teenagers from Latvia and Norway. It is the result of an incredible mentoring programme, started at the beginning of 2022 by the New Theatre Institute of Latvia, in cooperation with the Norwegian Rosendal Teater. The programme aimed to bring urgently needed voice and agency to the people whose futures will be most directly impacted by curent political decisions and cultural developments.

The 10 young curators from Latvia and Norway at the “Homo Novus” festival explore the topic of nostalgia. But what is young anyway? What is age? Why we experience nostalgia? Where does reality end and memory begin? And what can we learn about ourselves while searching for these answers?