(And) From one moon to another I leap | Scenographic space installation

(title inspired by “In her absence I created her image” by Mahmoud Darwish)

Artists: Aljoša Lovrić Krapež, Carmen Lee, Kirstine Nielsen, Snæfríður Sól Gunnarsdóttir

Dreams and nightmares sketch artists: Anna Lūcija, Astrīda, Austris, Eižens, Emma, Ernests, Linda, Simons
Art therapist: Elīna Akmane
Curators: Nikolai Furseth Rushfeldt, Samuels Ozoliņš
Mentor: Sodja Zupanc Lotker


Dreams are a very nostalgic phenomenon that we mostly associate with childhood. The dreams and nightmares that we’ve had in our childhood a lot of times leave a strong imprint and some we can even still remember. The installation “(And) From one moon to another I leap” lets the audience experience and connect with the dreams and nightmares of their own and today’s children.

– Nikolai and Samuels


Four directing students of Object and devised theatre from DAMU in Prague work with material from a dream workshop with Latvian children who shared their dream experiences with backward flying parrots, poopshaped monsters, zombies and time-machines.

Creatures, beings, plants, words, thoughts, species and spices of dream experiences are being materialised, sculpted and montaged together in a unifying space. A space that serves as a common base for all of our dreams and their materialisation.

To create a collective experience, this performative-interactive-dream-installation offers the audience to pin fragments of their own dreams and nightmares to an ever-expanding dreamy landscape. We invite you to shape your dreams. Catch them, let them go, reconsider them in space. Dream particularities collectively. 

– Aljoša, Carmen, Kirstine, Snæfríður


9th and 10th of September

installation permanently open