In Between | Scenographic space installation

Artist: Kristīne Kutepova
Art therapists: Diāna Serga, Lība Bērziņa
In cooperation with art therapy participants from Social Care Centre Gaiļezers – Galina, Ina, Tatiana and Vassily
Curators: Karu Treij, Ikars Graždanovičs
Mentor: Santa Remere


Nostalgia is an idea based on memories. What is more nostalgic than living in them? The project “In Between” is based on how people with dementia perceive the world—through bygone memories.

– Karu and Icarus


With each recollection of memories, we rewrite the actual event, and it changes a little, it becomes distorted. And there may come a time when memories fade into the void. Their shape becomes vague, only colour or smell remains. My first childhood memories are colourful – I remember a lettuce-green cart with some orange circles… Between this memory and the next one, there is only pure whiteness and emptiness. But the next memory is a sunlit room, full of bright sunlight. Of course, memories are related to our emotions, experiences, there are some special moments that brightly arise again and again. And still, memories get overwritten until they vanish.

Kristīne Kutepova 


Installation “Pearls of memories” / Large scale painting – installation “Dissolving” / Video and water installation “Bubbling”


9th and 10th of September

permanently open