Despite the fact that I spend most of my days studying science in a prestigious math school, I use my free time to pursue the arts and take part in different cultural projects. I started working with “Homo Novus” in 2021, participating in the show “Sex, Drugs and Criminality”; besides that I actively work in many filmsets and the theatre studio “Kāpnes”. I`m infatuated by literature both as a reader and a writer, and that has sparked an interest in me about foreign languages. That has helped me to take part in many international projects spanning many countries and be part of regional and national debate teams. I yearn to dedicate my life to theatre and language studies, having an especially fond delight of the fields of poetry, musical theatre and drama translation.


My Name is Annie Strand Mølster (born 2006). I’m about to start high school in Trondheim. I’m into music, including song writing and theatre, especially musical theatre. I’m also really into astrology so ask me anything about the venus signs and I will be really excited.


Hi! My name is Estere and I am one of the new curators for the project ”The Shake Down.” I feel that curating is versatile, technical but also creative. As my friend would describe me: “You are deeply braided with art, braided like your childhood’s braids, braided like your second hand wool sweaters, braided like the canvas you paint all your missing school projects on.” Painting, drawing, art-ing, call it as you want, I started doing it since I remember my conscious self. I have finished Cesis art school and moved to Riga, now I could call myself a “townsman” studying graphic design in Riga Design and arts school, while getting to know Riga, art, life, and myself.

Hedda Osmo Rohde

My name is Hedda Osmo Rohde (born 2007). I like music, playing instruments and art! I´m also a fan of playing mobile, and board games. I also love playing volleyball! 

Ikars Graždanovičs

I usually have a difficult time describing myself, mostly because I’m still not entirely sure who I myself want to be. Nonetheless I consider myself a multifaceted person with a wide variety of interests, especially in an artistic context. Thanks to my parents, growing up my life revolved around fine arts. I have also participated in the making and directing of some films and animations, among many other things, but theatre, especially the modern kind, has always piqued my interest. Ive participated in some “Homo Novus” shows, like “Party animals” and “Sex, drugs and criminality” and even made my own shows and installations, albeit, with a much smaller scale.

Karu Treij

I’m going to write this like a millennial’s Tinder bio.

Curator. Crocheter. Cat lover. Therapy goer. Actor and director (ask Icarus). Author of unpublished books and essays. Smoker. History enthusiast. Supporter of unnatural families. Student. Pisces. I write in my diary, take my antidepressants and enjoy life. I do not fish. I curse. I am knowledgeable in the history of WW2. I keep my change in jars.

Margit Adde

My name is Margit Adde (born 2003) and I am an art student in Trondheim. My current interest revolves around the youth art community in Trondheim and I want to get to know this city that I recently moved to. Other than that I am juggling several hobbies such as painting, drawing, writing poetry, phone photography, crocheting and politics.

 I am a doer, an artist and a teenager.


My name is Nikolai Furseth Rushfeldt (born 2002). I am about to graduate from high school. My interests are theatre, drama, visual art, performing arts in all forms, cinema and movies, being home watching a series, working, writing my own plays or just writing in general, photography, podcasting, but it’s always changing.


First of all, I guess, I’m an 18-year-old student, studying in Riga State German Grammar School. But already since childhood I’m into arts. At first it was visual arts, for some time it remained so, then I became acquainted with theatre at school, accidentally became an actor, got to know the basics of theatre directing. At the same time my wonderful literature teacher drew me into the wonders of written language, where I still like to spend my time, mostly by writing poetry. Continuing to follow the visual art events, I joined the Youth Club of the Latvian National Museum of Art, where I am helping with social media and textual things. Since September 2021, I have been a member of the youth theater studio “Kāpnes”. As a volunteer, I came to the New Theatre Institute of Latvia, participated in the production of the performance “Feast” (festival “Homo Novus”, 2021). Through NTIL got into “The Shake Down”. And now I am waiting for what we will create together!


My name is Zahida Kardou (born 2008). I am currently in school. My interests are shopping, theatre, and hanging out with friends.